Aeros banners gone?

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On Wednesday October 16 my now fiance and I went to the Rockets game. We were well into the game and we were talking about how we are going to miss the Houston Aeros. All of a sudden I notice his eye’s move up, he points to the roof and I couldn’t believe what I was NOT seeing. The Houston Aeros banners were gone! GONE!

I was going to write this blog a while back but i wanted to make sure what exactly happen to the banners. So after some searching i found out the banners were moved to Iowa with the team. This makes no sense at all. Why would they not stay here? It was HOUSTON I repeat the HOUSTON Aeros that won those Championships.

They won back to back Avco World Championship trophy’s in 1974,1975 with Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe (considered one of the best hockey players of all time) leading the team. Also the IHL Turner Cup Championship in the 1998-99 season and the AHL Calder Cup Championship in 2003. The Houston Aeros won three conference championships and two division championships. They also retired Gordie Howe number nine jersey.

Aeros are the most successful Houston team. Now its like they don’t even exist. They are an important part of Houston sports history that should never be forgotten. Toyota Center was home to the Aeros since 2003. They were the first sports team to play in the Toyota Center on Oct. 24, 2003. If this not enough reason to have some type of memory of them in the Toyota Center then i don’t know what is.

I understand they took the banners to Iowa but that does not mean they cant make new ones. I hope one day I can enter the Toyota Center look to the top left of the rafters and see those beautiful banners hang again.

And that’s your playbook for today.


2 thoughts on “Aeros banners gone?

  1. The Houston Aeros were the most successful Houston sports franchise, no questions about it. Sadly, they never got any recognition. It’s still hard to believe they are no longer in town.

    I will cherish all the memories I made attending their games, which are too many to count (about 200 games), including my now-fiancé’s first game on a cold Friday night against the Peoria Rivermen.

    I doubt Houston will have a professional hockey time anytime soon. But here’s hoping.

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